Sardinian Folkloric Dinner or Lunch

Sardinian Folkloric Dinner or Lunch:

‘Indulge with all your senses’ on the sights, sounds and flavours of the beautiful island by enjoying a 100% Sardinian themed dinner or lunch al fresco at a shaded courtyard surrounded by lush green myrtle trees or in the ancient wine cellar, furnished with old wooden tables in front of big oak casks

You’ll trigger your senses and enjoy the rich historical atmosphere, tradition and aromas, the music and dances of this ancient island performed by dancers and musicians dressed in traditional Sardinian costumes bringing you their island pride.
This is the experience to do if you really want to get to know the famous Sardinian ancient traditions, hospitality and cuisine.

Also, this hidden gem with a charming atmosphere can be the ideal setting to enjoy special and important personal occasions. Possibility for extra experiences such as cooking classes, wine tastings…

Location:  Cagliari province