The story of Margerita

Margerita, the way her ‘Nonna’ used to call her

Having a Sardinian mother and a Belgian father, Margaux knows how to balance Mediterranean hospitality with Western creativity. Her first project Atelier des Fêtes was a great experience. After 5 years of cooking, baking and creating, Atelier des Fêtes evolved into a more personal journey, with 100% focus on Sardegna. Her nonna, mother and the rest of the family, who still live in Sardegna, influenced Margaux and her love for this island in an unconditional way. While thinking of a name for Atelier des Fêtes 2.0, she immediately thought of the way her nonna used to call her: MARGERITA.

MARGERITA will take you on a personal journey, along regional ingredients, authentic, tasty traditions, iconic recipes and stories of Sardegna. You can discover MARGERITA through a personal selection of local products, seasonal gatherings and “culinary” experiences. You’ll explore food, drinks and hospitality with all your senses, through the eyes of MARGERITA. Because MARGERITA is all about representing Sardegna at its best. Every opportunity is the perfect excuse for MARGERITA to visit this hidden gem and to take you with her. Because MARGERITA believes that the heritage of Sardegna is worth sharing, and the local lifestyle worth exploring.