indulge with all your senses, explore sardegna guided by margerita

For MARGERITA, Sardegna is a muse in many ways. Tested over the centuries, the cucina typica Sarda is proven to be one of the world’s most wholesome and satisfying ways of eating. That’s why we truly believe in the Mediterranean Diet. We are what we eat, so let’s feed ourselves well. Besides, Sardegna is one of the first Blue Zone regions ever identified. The culinary lifestyle with its casual gatherings is a true inspiration that allows its inhabitants and visitors to express themselves, to feel part of a community and live an exciting life together with family and friends. MARGERITA loves to share the heritage of Sardegna and the inspiring local lifestyle she knows very well from her point of view.

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Guided by MARGERITA is a personal journey through Sardegna. With tons of pride, MARGERITA guides you through this beautiful island, with the aim of putting this place worth visiting in the spotlight. You’ll explore local food, drinks and charming hospitality with all your senses.

From the perfect places to stay, over the most beautiful beach, to the best local chefs and non-touristic must see’s, Guided by MARGERITA. Because she loves to share her local experiences with you.